Welcome to the web site of Rhondda Animal Aid. We are a small charity that seeks to help dogs, cats and other animals in the Rhondda Valleys and surrounding areas.

Rhondda Animal Aid first came into being when a few animal lovers, already rescuing in their own villages, came together to try to help animals in need in the Rhondda Valley Area.

We held meetings inviting other like minded “animal” people to join us, and so Rhondda Animal Aid was born. We had no funds or equipment, a little bit of knowhow but loads of enthusiasm and a deep belief that with strong commitment and hard work we could “make a difference”.

That was back in 1990 and Rhondda Animal Aid is here stronger than ever.


  • We always neuter any adult animal homed by our group.
  • We advocate neutering of all pets as the depressing numbers of unwanted dogs, cats, plus rabbits grow and grow.
  • We believe in responsible ownership and advise all poential owners to think long and hard before taking on any pet to ensure they can offer lifelong commitment.
  • We only rehome locally so we can pre check any potential home, and if things don’t work out we can easily bring the animal back into our care. We find this a safer option, and it works.
  • All our animals are de-wormed, de-flead, adults are neutered prior to rehoming. An adoption form is completed in duplicate and if any donation is given you will be issued with a receipt.

We usually have dogs, cats, rabbits, pups and kittens in our foster homes needing a new start. Although many are healthy, loving “mongrels” and “moggies” we do get a number of pedigrees as sadly it seems paying many hundreds of pounds, is no guarantee the pet will always be wanted. Rhondda Animal Aid is vehemently against the mass transportation of animals out of our area to England. Alarmingly this is a procedure carried out by councils in Wales and unbelievably, even by some rescues. Worryingly, it seems that each week countless numbers of animals are driven from Wales to England, and we are told they all go to to new homes, yet when contacted, rescues there say they are overwhelmed with their own local problems!

We have fosterers who care for these animals in their own homes. These extra special people are the “hands on” part of our group. We provide food, bedding, etc. and cover vets fees, while these wonderful ladies provide lots of “TLC” to the homeless, needy, sometimes sick, very vulnerable, often confused, traumatised and frightened animals placed in their care.

We have a committee of five people, voted in democratically. We have a “Home from Home” scheme specifically for dogs whose owners want to rehome them. We match “wants a dog people” to people who need to rehome their pet, and put them in contact with each other.

We are grateful to supermarkets / shops that have our food donation boxes in them and to other shops who have our money collection boxes in place, and to those who provide the transport to the vets and shops etc. We also grateful to the vets who help us and the kennels we use, pet shops and those who donate goods for us to sell, prizes for the raffles, the list is endless, thanks to all we could not do what we do without you.

We mainly rescue dogs, cats and rabbits but will help in any way we can with any animal in distress, homeless, injured, and if we don’t know what to do in specific cases, we usually “know a man who does”.

We run a lost and found register and send out posters and leaflets, and give advice to everyone who contacts us about a lost or found animal.

We issue a newsltter every four months and it goes out to almost 400 members. To enrol simply phone 01443 437709 and leave a message. Annual subscription is £2 paid in 1st or 2nd class stamps around Easter time.

RAA has two shops now, one at 7a Dunraven Street, Tonypandy, RCT, Wales (opposite the war memorial) and one in Hannah Street, Porth, RCT, Wales (next to the old Woolworths) where our marvellous volunteers work their socks off with the never ending task of tidying up and selling our donated goods to raise funds to pay for vets fees, food etc. for homeless animals in our foster homes.

We are a happy group, our members are made up of people who are different in many ways, but are solidly united in our desire to make these valleys a better place for all animals to live in.

This urge to make a difference carries us determinedly forward even in the bleakest of days. Our experiences are heart tugging, sometimes heart breaking but we deal with each situation with great compassion and optimism. Thousands of needy animals have come through our hands and we try with all our strength to make good decisions on behalf of each one. To all who contribute in any way, however small we are indebted. This area we live in has its problems, as do all areas, but it’s a beautiful place to live with beautiful people who care, and any work we have done in helping animals and any work we do in the future is all down to the tremendous support we get locally. Please keep it up.

Thank you and God bless you all.


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. kathryn edwards

    hi there, i took a cat in off the street a few weeks ago she was in quite a bad shape but she has now settled in our home nicely and such a loving cat, so glad shes coming on well, not sure how old she is but know shes a young cat. i would like her to be spayed and was wondering is there anywhere i can get it done cheap as im on benefits n a single mum of four . many thanks

  2. Dawn Voyle

    Hi Im just wondering that in your shop in Porth, Rhondda are you still taking ornaments and games? The games Ive got are Family Fortune and Deal or No Deal. They are the electronuc board games. They have never been used. I eould like to bring yhem down to you as I have had a few cats off you in the past and I support animal charities. Also if ttherethere is anything I can do to help in anyway then do not hesitate to ask. The only thing

  3. Dawn Voyle

    Sorry I sent my last email without finishing. As I was saying the only thing I cant do is give money as I have 8 rescue cats of my own and as you can imagine it costs me quite a bit but I wouldnt change them for the world. Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work. Dawn Voyle

  4. Ali

    Hello we’ve just found a dog running up the Graig with your telephone number on. I phoned the number and left a message with my mobile number so that someone can get back to me asap?

  5. John williams

    I am looking to re home a small dog under the age of 3 yrs
    Please let me know if there are any on your register that need a loving home


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